Sisters concerned over upkeep and security at Weslaco cemetery

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Two Valley sisters hope to see changes to their father's resting place; they're concerned about the upkeep and security at the Weslaco Cemetery.

In the cemetery, off Illinois and 10th Street, 21 of Diana Briones and Soraya Pungerchar's loved ones, including their father Jose Briones, are buried. That's why, for them, the cemetery must be kept clean.

It's been 56 years since the sisters lost their father, but not a day goes by that they don't think about him.

"I come here in the evening when the sun is gone," Briones said. "I come here, relax and sit down with my dad."

But the sisters say they're tired of seeing long grass and debris among the graves, along with the vandalism caused by BB guns.

"They shoot— the pictures, they break off the crosses on tombstones," they said.

Their father's headstone is just one of many that was ruined by BB guns, which is why they decided to get a new one. But when they went to city hall to ask what they needed to make that possible, the sisters learned they had to pay a fee and follow specific regulations.

Now, they're left wondering where that money is going.

"It's not so much that I had to take it out of my pocket. It's, 'what do you do with the money?'" Briones said. "Nothing is taken care of in this cemetery. I know they can get security. I know they can do more."

But according to the city, they aren't responsible for any damages or loss at the cemetery. The city also said they hadn't received a report of vandalism in six months.

The sisters say they want to see their loved one's final resting place tidy and guarded so that nobody else's tombstone is ruined.


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