Sit tight: Stimulus checks are still on the way

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WESLACO – Emergency relief funds started showing up in eligible taxpayers’ bank accounts this week. The U.S. Department of Treasury’s goal is that all direct deposits are made by April 20.

If people haven’t seen the money added to their accounts, there could be some things in the works.

“Those individuals that are on social security or certain retirement benefits, that don't have to file a tax return, should get their benefits automatically, just like anyone who files a tax return,” said Lincoln Talbert, chief financial officer at Texas Regional Bank.

For non-filers not on the government’s list of taxpayers, because they recently moved out of their parents’ home or for another reason, will be able to register at the IRS website here.

Taxpayers who receive their tax refund in a form of a paper check, will also be getting a physical check by mail. However, they'll have to wait longer.

People can track the status of their stimulus check here.

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