Smugglers Use McAllen Hotel as Stash House

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MCALLEN – More than a dozen people in the country illegally were found inside a McAllen hotel over the weekend.

A group of 16 people were crammed into two rooms at the hotel.

“In some of these instances where there are eight people staying in one hotel room, that should be enough to raise suspicion enough to maybe suggest making a phone call,” says  Marcelino Medina, RGV Sector Patrol Agent.

KRGV’s Carolina Cruz spoke with a local hotel owner about his experiences with smugglers.

Hershal Patel explains his employees look for certain clues that may seem suspicious.

This includes guests denying staff into the room, people showing signs of fatigue and extended stays with few personal possessions.

Patel says staff has the power to help immigrants being temporarily held at a hotel by smugglers.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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