Some Evacuees Head Back Home After Harvey

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SAN ANTONIO - Some families seeking shelter from Harvey are returning home. Their path from San Antonio is littered with obstacles.

The drive from San Antonio to Garcitas Creek isn't a smooth one. Water and road blocks fill the road.

DPS Troopers are making sure drivers follow the rules, arresting those who try to drive around road closures.

Drivers were rerouted and found a gas station in Victoria, where drivers were happy to find gasoline.

Others like Bobby Zarate are determined to get home.

Zarate is returning home for the second time after Harvey hit. He says, "I have a tree over my house but at this moment. I'm not staying at my house. I'm staying with my parents because my dad is ill and I'm there for them."

Zarate's explains the state of the town, "There's no gas, there's no utility, they're saying it's going to take 2-3 days," he says, "I mean it's a disaster I mean Victoria is just down."

Gus Kroos worries more flooding is on the way.

Kroos says, "In the next couple of days we're still expecting about at least 24 more inches of rain so it's going to be pretty bad. It's going to be like flood in 1998."

13 miles north of Victoria another road block near Garcitas Creek.

"The river is up and out of the banks already so that's what's causing some of these roads to close," Kroos says.

Residents heading home are bracing for what's to come.


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