Some People Questioning Validity of Census Survey

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WESLACO – Some residents said they’re getting letters from the U.S. Census asking them to fill out a survey. The letters warn that if the person does not fill out the survey they could be penalized.

Local Better Business Bureau Director Dolores Salinas said there is a real survey from the U.S. Census going around called “The American Survey.” The survey does state it is mandatory to fill out.

“The reason they put that is because they have the authority from the U.S. government to make it mandatory. And they want the information and they need the information in order to see what the needs of our area are. And this information the government will use for funding,” Salinas said.

However, there will not be a penalty if a consumer does not fill it out.

Salinas explained that a U.S. Census Bureau agent may visit the resident’s home. She shared some tips when being approached by an agent and also what red flags to look out for when filling out a survey.

  • Watch out for questions asking for financial information, including bank accounts and credit card numbers.

  • Ask for official identification.

  • Be sure the return address on the envelope is to Jeffersonville, Indiana.

For more information on the U.S. Census Bureau surveys people can contact the bureau at 800-354-7261.


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