South Padre Island limits public gatherings to 10 people or less amid virus outbreak

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The city of South Padre Island announced new restrictions on public gatherings Wednesday to limit the spread of COVID-19.

At 5 p.m. Wednesday, the city will limit gatherings on the beach to 10 people or less, according to a news release from the city.

Other restrictions include:

  • • Restaurants and bars will limit their seating by 50% of their current
    configuration, with a maximum of 50 patrons per dining room.
  • • Restaurants and Bars will have a minimum distance of 8 feet between tables.
  • • Restaurants and Bars must close by 10:00 pm until 6:oo am. Last Call is 9:45
  • • Restaurants will be allowed to designate a parking space for curbside delivery.
    Curbside (To Go) and drive thru food service is strongly encouraged and
  • • All dance floors, in bars and restaurants are closed. Live music of more than 2
    persons and all DJ entertainment are not allowed.
  • • All Food truck permits will be suspended indefinitely.
  • • Any Restaurants that have buffet style service, must have a server at each station,
    there will be no self-service buffets.
  • • Hotels are required to completely sanitize all touch surfaces before check in for
    each individual rooms.
  • • All VRM are required to completely sanitize all touch areas within the unit and
    sanitize all glassware, plates, serving ware, silverware and cooking utensils.
  • • Disposable Glassware must be used in place of reusable glassware at 5:00 pm on
  • • Self Service drink dispensers are closed in ALL businesses.
  • • Straws of any type are not allowed.
  • • Condiments for beverages are not allowed.
  • • Table top/ self-service condiment stations are not allowed.
  • • Movie theaters and churches will limit audiences to less than 50 people and will
    institute social distancing of a minimum space of 6' apart.
  • • Gas Stations must sanitize the self-service portions of the equipment at a
    minimum every hour, preferably after each service. Sanitizer must be available at
    the pumps.
  • • The Island Metro must restrict the available ridership by 50% of the available
    seats and will institute social distancing between riders. The Island Metro will
    sanitize the bus before the start of any route.
  • • All beach/community port-a-potties will be closed until 2x a day cleaning and
    hand sanitizers are available.
  • • There will be no congregations or gatherings of more than 50 persons public or

Read the city's announcement.


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