South Texas Red Cross Volunteers Ready for Deployment

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WESLACO – American Red Cross of South Texas volunteers are waiting to hear if they will be deployed to Florida.

The group’s executive director, Danella Hughes, said she is waiting for the National Red Cross offices to notify them when they will deploy for Irma relief.

This comes as one local group, deployed to Houston to help after Hurricane Harvey, returns to the Rio Grande Valley. Two other deployments will return soon.

Hughes said the Red Cross works to keep volunteers from becoming fatigued while working in disaster areas.

“We have disaster mental health counselors. What we do is go around, make sure everyone’s OK mentally, emotionally and physically,” she said. “Then we make sure that when we do our rounds in sheltering, whatever responsibilities they may have, we make sure they know the core responsibilities. We’re all mission driven.”

Hughes said in the Red Cross, it’s policy for a disaster deployments to last only 14 days.  


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