Starr Co. Pastor Seeks to Expand Shelter

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RIO GRANDE CITY - A Starr County pastor made a call for help to expand the only shelter in the county.

Wing on Fire Ministries pastor Anselmo Cruz said there’s a lot of need and poverty in the area. The small church in Rio Grande City shelters people who need to stay from cold nights.

Starr County resident Ericka Serna said she and her family are trying to keep warm in these conditions.

“I’m pretty sure there are some people who don’t have the privilege to have warmth in their homes,” she said.

Pastor Cruz and his wife said they have been running the shelter for five years now. He said they’re trying to build a new, bigger shelter for the county.

“I would like the public to know in our area, Starr County and the entire Valley, we are currently processing and applying for a grant,” he said.

Pastor Cruz also called for help from other church leaders during this time of need.

“I call on the rest of my fellow partners and anybody else that is willing to help out. We need to do this, it’s very important,” he said.

Pastor Cruz said they started to work on the federal grant last week.

Starr County's temperatures are forecasted to drop into the 20s Friday night. The center will be opened for anyone needing a warm place to stay.

Make sure you bring your own blankets and pillows. If you need a ride to the shelter call 956-735-7038 and ask to be picked up. 


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