Starr Co. Residents Dealing with Hail Damage

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RIO GRANDE CITY – A sudden hail storm in Starr County has people assessing the damage to homes and cars.

People in neighborhoods between Rio Grande City and Roma were caught under rooftops when the storm rolled in Thursday night.

People sent CHANNEL 5 NEWS photos of hail bigger than the size of a golf ball. Some told us they found damage to their cars following the sudden downpour.

“At first, I thought they were throwing rocks and the hail was probably 15 minutes also,” said resident Rosie Flores. “It started to rain and then all of a sudden rocks. I was like, rocks? No, it was hail.”

The Starr County emergency manager said because of the small size of the storm, there is no state or federal resources available to any people who sustained property damage. 


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