State Bar Website Available to Public to Confirm Lawyer Can Practice

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DONNA – Investigators with the Donna Police Department continue looking for victims in the case of a man claiming to be a lawyer.

Abner Campos took thousands from a woman who hired him to represent her in a child custody dispute.

However, Campos isn't a licensed attorney in the state of Texas even though he claimed to work for a McAllen law firm

In cases like these, J. Gonzalez, an injury defense attorney, recommends people pick up the phone and confirm.  

“If they say that they work for a particular lawyer, call that office, confirm that person actually works at that office,” he says. 

Gonzalez says who you hire makes a difference in all legal battles. 

He says you want to make sure the person representing you in a courtroom knows what they're doing. 

“That's a huge problem in South Texas. And local authorities are doing more and more in clamping down on those individuals because they're not licensed, they didn't go to law school, they're not held to the same strict requirements that we as local lawyers are,” he says.

He says those looking to hire an attorney should do their research before they hire them.

They should find out where their office is located and if they’re licensed by the state.  

The state bar website offers information such as whether a lawyer is licensed, has been disciplined, or has been suspended.  

If you have been a victim of a fraudulent lawyer or if you were hired and paid Abner Campos for legal services, you are asked to contact Donna police at 956-464-4481. 


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