State Plans to Terminate Medicaid Funding for Planned Parent

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WESLACO - The head of Planned Parenthood in South Texas said cuts on their Medicaid program will greatly impact those who need it the most.

State lawmakers sent Planned Parenthood a letter Tuesday stating their Medicaid funding would be cut off in about 30 days.

In the letter, Texas Health and Human Services Inspector General Stuart Bowen referenced undercover videos which allegedly show people from Planned Parenthood talking about using fetal tissue for research.

Bowen also claimed the organization violated medical standards. He said their Medicaid program violations justify removing their funding.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted Planned Parenthood to know if the cuts would impact locations in Brownsville and Harlingen. They didn’t want to talk on camera, but they did give us some insight on how they are moving forward.

Jeffery Hons is the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of South Texas. He responded to our questions in the following statement:

“The people who will be hurt the most if this stands are the poorest women in South Texas who rely on Planned Parenthood and Medicaid.”

Hons also said they plan to take the state to court.

Planned Parenthood gets more than $3 million in Medicaid funds from Texas. The group currently provides care to about 100,000 Medicaid patients in Texas.

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