State Rep. Warns Against Celebratory Gunfire

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HIDALGO COUNTY--State Representative Armando Martinez is warning against celebratory gunfire.

Martinez was struck in the head by a stray bullet on New Year's Eve. He wants to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else.

"It was a very horrible experience. It's something that you don't want anybody to ever go through," said Martinez.

Martinez says celebratory gunfire has become all too common.

"I think it's just people that are very irresponsible. They've seen it. They think that just lifting a gun up in the air and firing it, is fine, that it doesn't do anything," Martinez said. "That bullet will continue to come down and will strike somebody and cause serious bodily injury or even death."

Since his injury, Martinez has worked on new legislation against firing guns in the air.

"The legislative attorneys and our office worked together and we came up with a reckless discharge law, and it addresses reckless discharge of a firearm," said Martinez.

He says anyone who causes serious bodily injury or death will face a class a felony and a $4,000 fine.

The state rep says they hope to get that into legislation in early 2019.

According to the Texas penal code, you can face disorderly conduct charges, if you are caught firing a gun in the air.


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