STC Sees Drop in International Student Enrollment

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WESLACO – A new report states there are fewer international students in the U.S. this year.

The Institute on International Education said there are seven percent less of students who’ve enrolled in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Matthew Hebbard, vice president of student affairs and enrollment for South Texas College, said he estimates more than 100 international students – majority from northern Mexico – are currently enrolled at the college.

Hebbard said they have indeed seen a drop in enrolled international students. However, he said the decrease is not necessarily due to policies of the current Trump administration, but a normal fluctuation in enrollment.

“The trend just went a little downward this year,” he said. “There might be some folks that may be a little scared but we have a done a lot of outreach, also with our contact in Reynosa and other parts of Mexico to clarify what students can do and the opportunity is still here for them.”

Hebbard added some students at STC are also from the Philippines or Africa. He said the college captures the interest of international students because of its affordable degrees.


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