Stories Behind the Roaring Engines and Heated Chrome at Harlingen Car Show

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HARLINGEN – Everybody loves to see classic cars, the ones your parents used to drive.

Each owner at the 12th Annual Downtown Jackson Street Car Show in Harlingen had a story behind their cars and a lot of sentiment.

Such as Pablo Gomez who says there’s something special that keeps him close to his ’72 Chevelle.

“I got married in 1972, but my wife passed away in July of last year. And that’s why I wanted a ’72 Chevelle,” said Gomez.

And then there’s Craig McClister and his ’68 Shelby Mustang.

“It’s the car I wanted my dad to buy me for graduation, but he wouldn’t do it,” McClister said laughing. “So, I had to wait and buy one myself later.”

Watch the video above for the full feature of Con Mi Gente.


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