Street Project Taking Longer than Expected in Weslaco

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WESLACO – Weslaco residents will continue waiting for a construction project that might take longer than expected.

The repairs on San Vicente Street near Mile 14 started more than a month ago. Residents said the construction caused more headaches than relief.

The road was stripped down, but due to the holiday season, work stalled. The rainfall this week turned that road into a muddy mess.

During the construction process, crews failed to place lime on the road. Hidalgo County Pct. 1 Commissioner David Fuentes said failing to complete that step before rainfall caused trouble.

“Right now, there’s really no cure for this. What we’re trying to do is trying to minimize the inconvenience people are having to go through by scrapping this diet, creating a hard compaction as much as we can without lime and we’re trying to create those caliche pathways for them to get in and out their areas,” he said.

Fuentes said the county has around 25 ongoing projects right now. They hope to complete the road in the next 30 to 45 days.


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