Struggle to stay warm and find resources continues

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Freezing temperatures, no power or water - all amidst a global pandemic - are feeling like the perfect storm to many. With so many people struggling, resources are running out. 

Tomas Martinez with the local nonprofit La Union del Pueblo Entero said many colonias don’t have water or light. 

Carlos Garcia, a Rio Grande City resident, said it’s impossible to even cook due to a lack of supplies. He says people haven’t even had a shower in several days. People are having to use buckets to get water from friends or public places.

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“We can't cook and there are long lines at McDonalds," Garcia said. "We have candles in the living room and bathroom, but you still can't see. I tried to buy more but they're sold out."

On Thursday, H-E-B announced they have brought back purchase limits on select items. This includes bread and milk which have a limit of two items per person.

"Many people are old and sick," Garcia said. "Without food and water, it's going to be hard to survive."


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