Sullivan City Man Returns Home Following Flooding Tuesday

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SULLIVAN CITY – A man from Sullivan City is now able to sleep in his own home.

Two homes were evacuated while other homes in the area also experienced water damage.

City officials are looking at ways to help prevent this in the future.

"The water came in and everything was getting wet. I called my provider and she called for help," said Roman Salinas, he was one of the people who had to evacuate during the storm Tuesday.

The damage is clearly still visible on his walls. The city came to his rescue.

"They took me to a shelter, they were very nice people. I was only there for three hours," said Salinas.

City and county crews worked late into the night to drain the water.

"We were pretty much out till about 1 in the morning to 1:30 a.m.," said Richard Ozuna, Sullivan City police chief.

Sullivan City Mayor Leonel Garcia said the nearby retention pond overflowed quickly, "so much water in such short about of time we weren't expecting that amount of water."

The storm left its mark on Salinas's home.

"There was dirt inside and you know other things the water brought inside my house," said Salinas.

The police helped Salinas return home.

"We helped him clean up the house a little bit. He didn't have anybody to help him out. We swept mopped and got him back in there," said Ozuna.

Salinas said he's glad his home is still in one piece.

Garcia told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the city already has plans to improve the drainage in the area. He added they will start as soon as possible.


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