Summer Camp Focuses On Speed

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MCALLEN – All eyes were on Lucky Whitehead. Valley kids between the ages of 8-12 hoped to pick up pointers from the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

“Like the skills with the feet and the ladder. Those were things I didn’t know before, “said camper Sebastian Aleman.

“It’s new to them, “ said Whitehead. “We just explain the techniques and the mechanics of everything. My big thing for them is to just have fun.”

For the youngest kids in the camp, that mission was accomplished.

“It was awesome. When we were doing the drills, I was the one who got it done right first,” said Luis Zuniga.

Camp participant Govany Mancha added, “ We were running around. We were racing. We were jumping and we were over there playing the game.”

For Whitehead, holding this kind of camp presented a special opportunity.

"Lots of people look up to Cowboys players and I try to spread my word to them and just try to come here and give them something to look up to, “ said Whitehead.


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