Surveillance video captures moment vehicle rolls over outside Edinburg-area shop, owners react

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Alejandro Tamez is the co-owner of Palmas Tuning Ultimate Racing on Valverde Road in the Edinburg area.

Tamez says he’s thinking about relocating the business after a crash early Saturday morning.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment the driver of a white SUV lost control before crashing into a row of vehicles right outside the shop.

"Thankfully, there was nobody out here at that time cause usually, we'll stay here late," said co-owner Fernando Vela.

Vela says four of their customers' trucks were damaged.

"Us, as owners, we do feel bad, mostly for our customers,” Vela said. “They trust us with their vehicles and for them to have to go through something like this is pretty tough."

Vela says two of the car owners stopped by the shop to look at the aftermath.

"Our main focus right now is just, really, trying to help them rebuild,” Vela said. “I mean, this guy was pretty devastated yesterday, but he was understanding. He works all week just to go have some fun on the weekends with his truck, so we have to try to help out."

After being in business for around seven years, Vela says this is the third time he's seen a rollover accident near his shop. Both owners are now looking into different safety measures to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

"We're a little panicked after this, for sure,” Vela said. “We're probably thinking about doing another barrier or something, a stronger barrier just to be safe because, like I said, we're usually always out here."

If that doesn't help, relocating may be in their future.

Both owners says the Texas Department of Public Safety responded to the crash.

DPS wasn’t immediately available for comment on this story.


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