Suspects Charged in Connection to Teen's Death

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RIO GRANDE CITY – Investigators released new information on the death of 17-year-old Chayse Olivarez during a press conference Wednesday.

Three people are being held with no bond in relation to the murder of the teen.

Rio Grande City Police Chief Noe Castillo said they worked tirelessly to locate Olivarez.

An autopsy is being conducted and the final report has not been released.

According to the preliminary report, a gunshot wound is considered the cause of death.

Olivarez went missing on July 31 when his parents filed the report. On Thursday Aug. 10, there was a break in the case that led them to a ranch in Roma. Information came to light that led to capital murder charges against 17-year-old Jose Garcia Jr.

"The work at that point by the Texas Rangers and some of the other investigators from the other agencies was enough to convince us that charges were appropriate. That they could be sustained," said Starr County District Attorney Oscar Escobar.

Olivarez's remains were found the next day, Saturday, Aug. 12.

Investigators said Olivarez and Garcia knew each other. The motivation for the murder appears to be deeply personal, not associated with organized crime.

Garcia is being held without bond awaiting an indictment from a grand jury. Two other juveniles, one charged with murder and the other with tampering with evidence and failing to report the crime, are also held without bond.

The district attorney's office is handling Garcia's prosecution while the county attorney is taking care of the juveniles.

The county attorney could transfer jurisdiction to the district attorney. This would involve a psychiatric exam and sociology economic study. If it goes through, the juveniles could tried as adults.

"We have a full-blown hearing for a judge to present the evidence, and if the judge finds that there is a need to find if the child's sophistication is that he knew, should've known what he was engaging in, then he would be certified at that point," stated Starr County attorney Victor Canales.


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