Target Shopping with Superheroes

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HIDALGO - The Target Corporation honored superheroes from the Hidalgo community on Tuesday.

Hidalgo firefighters, Hidalgo police officers, and 100 students were recognized at the Target at Las Tiendas Shopping Center in McAllen. The public safety officers were each paired with a student, who received a $100 Target gift card.

The paid shopping spree was part of the city’s annual Festival of Lights, a month-long holiday celebration. This year’s theme is a Superhero Holiday in Hidalgo.

 “The City of Hidalgo could not be more proud of its superheroes, both big and small,” said Hidalgo City Manager Julian Gonzalez. “These kids are superheroes, as are the fire and police officials that will accompany them. We can’t thank the Target Corporation enough for recognizing them and their contributions to our city.”


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