Technology Aiding in the Search for Earthquake Survivors

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WESLACO - Technology has advanced over the last 32 years since the last deadly earthquake hit Mexico.

Although at the moment there are places in Central Mexico where phone and internet service is limited, social media is being used to connect missing people with their families. 

Even so, many people find that certain mobile apps, like WhatsApp, still work well.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS has been communicating with some people in Mexico City with WhatsApp.

Some images we’ve received through the mobile app, as early as Wednesday morning, were of members of the Mexican Army and citizen volunteers that were digging through the rubble of a residential building trying to find people still alive.

Another great tool throughout this disaster was set up by Google. It’s called Google Person Finder: Puebla, Mexico Earthquake.

Right now, there are more than 22,000 records of people on the site.

Visit the Google Person Finder website. Then depending if you’re searching for someone or if you have information about someone, you’d click on the desired button, type in the name, click search and records matching the name will pop up.

For example, if you were to type in “Jose Maria” in the search, it would display everyone with similar names.

In the case of the earthquake in Mexico, it shows one is alive, others have posted a message and some are still missing.

Some of the names have pictures next to them that were probably uploaded by loved ones searching for that person.

Rescue workers in Mexico are using this to post about injured and deceased people they find, in hopes of connecting them with family.


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