Tenants Left Without Utility Services at Brownsville Complex

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BROWNSVILLE – Some residents of the Rockwell Manor Apartments complex are living without hot water.

All residents lost gas services on Monday. The complex shut off the service due to a leak.

“We're struggling because we don't have gas to cook or to heat the water and bathe," said Guillermo Perez Salazar, a Rockwell Manor tenant.

Guillermo Perez Salazar and Cristina Perez are an elderly couple living in the complex. Their caregiver Alicia Guajardo also lives in Rockwell Manor Apartments.

“I also live in the same apartment complex and I'm also having the same problems," said Guajardo. "We have been like this for three months already or maybe a little more, without hot water. We are struggling with that."

Perez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she's living with several illnesses.

“I have heart problems, diabetes, dialysis, anemia, high pressure," said Perez.

Guajardo is concerned the lack of gas and hot water may negatively impact the couple's health.

“We can’t heat the water either because there is no gas, you have to look for other ways" Guajardo said. "I use baby wipes to clean her, there is nowhere to cook and we don’t have much money to spend."

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned the property is now under the management of a new company as of Nov. 1 called Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services, LLC.

The on-site supervisor declined an on-camera interview. We then reached out to Alpha-Barnes directly.

Alpha-Barnes spokesperson, David Margulies, says in a statement:

“We have secured a signed contract to fix the problem that has left many residents without hot water for an extended period of time. In addition on Monday gas to the entire complex was shut off due to a leak. We have learned that the gas pipes in the complex are in such bad shape they will have to be replaced. We are working with our contractor and the city on an interim fix and have signed a contract for the more comprehensive repairs. We will keep residents informed as we move forward to expedite the issues and appreciate their patience. These issues have our full and undivided attention.”

Tenants can learn more about their rights by visiting the Texas Attorney General webpage.


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