Texas Attorney General's Office asked to investigate 'disgusting comments' about the death of McAllen police officer

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The Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Sunday, asking him to investigate "disgusting comments" about the death of a McAllen police officer.

After police Officer Edelmiro Garza Jr. and police Officer Ismael Chavez were murdered on Saturday afternoon, Chavez's daughter posted a tribute to her father on Twitter.

Her post included the hashtag #BlueLivesMatter.

Some people responded to the tweet by calling the hashtag racist. Other people replied "ACAB," an acronym for "All Cops Are Bastards."

She later deleted the tweet.

"Sickeningly, online attackers posted hundreds of disgusting comments" harassing her, according to the letter, "and tormenting her over the death of her father to the point she deleted her tweet. Some of the commenters even celebrated his death."

The association asked the Attorney General's Office to review whether or not the "disgusting comments" constituted harassment under Texas Penal Code 42.07.

"We also welcome your input into how Texas law could be strengthened to seek redress for this vicious, unconscionable behavior," according to the letter.

Correction: This article misstated the name of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.


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