Texas Christmas Tradition Takes Local Owner to the Top

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MCALLEN – It’s a Christmas tradition in the Rio Grande Valley. A local woman took the tradition and turned it into a livelihood.

At Delia’s there’s no slowing down.

"To tell you the truth, I’m picking up 14 dozen right now to take to Milwaukee, Wisconsin," one customer told CHANNEL 5 NEWS. 

People come from all over during the holiday just to get their tamales from this restaurant.

There are six locations scattered across the Rio Grande Valley. Many know it wasn’t always that way.

We met the company’s namesake, Delia Lubis. She said it all started with just five pounds of masa.

When Delia moved to the Valley from Chicago, she told us it was difficult finding work. Facing a family to feed, she found feeding others tamales helped pay the bills.

The demand for her tamales grew. She and her daughters packaged bags and bags until they had no more room in their home.

After 15 years, Delia said she had enough to open up a single restaurant. Her success didn't stop there, growing into the regional chain it is today.

Delia took us behind the scenes, into one of her kitchens. She asked us not to share the secret to her tamales but showed us just how much work goes into churning out thousands of these delicious delicacies a day.

Delia said it's her labor of love. That labor of these tasty treats goes back thousands of years.

Over time, the portable food fare morphed into the festive holiday staple it is today. An ancient tradition that goes on serving up warm holiday memories year after year.


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