Texas Rangers Lead Homicide Investigation in Edcouch

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EDCOUCH - State authorities continue investigating a homicide inside the Edcouch city limits.

Authorities responded to a shooting Sunday night near Reyes St. and Southern Ave. After arriving, police found 35-year-old Juan Manuel Belmarez dead at the scene.

Authorities also surveyed a white SUV centered in the middle of the street with multiple bullet holes through the windshield.

At the time of the murder, Edcouch Police Chief Eloy Cardenas said the Texas Rangers were handling the case.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS wanted to know why the Edcouch police department wasn’t on this case.

Edcouch Police Chief Eloy Cardenas said he agreed with high-ranking Texas Rangers officials to hand them the investigation. No other explanation was made available.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS tried to contact the Edcouch police chief by phone and in person on Monday, unsuccessfully.

DPS spokesperson Lt. Johnny Hernandez said calling in Texas Rangers for assistance in these types of major crime investigations is not uncommon. He said this is one of a few investigations they are currently handling in the Rio Grande Valley.

Several residents of the Edcouch community said they don’t care who conducts the investigation as long as there is justice in their city.

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