Texas Senator Ted Cruz Visits the Rio Grande Valley

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MISSION - U.S. Senator Ted Cruz spent Saturday in the Rio Grande Valley. He met behind closed doors with local business leaders and mayors.

"The purpose of this trip, like many trips I've done in the past, is to listen to concerns of people here in the Valley and to talk about the challenges facing our country," Cruz said.

Cruz visited Anzalduas Park. Before boarding a DPS boat, he spoke about illegal immigration and the border wall. "The wall does not stop traffickers from getting across. It's not a permanent prevention, but what it does is slow them down," he said. "We need more technology. We need more aerial technology, like the plane from DPS that I had the opportunity to do a fly along yesterday on, and also more technology like the boats that I'm getting ready to go out onto to survey the border directly."
Friday night, the senator also went on a ride along with Border Patrol agents. "Within about 20 minutes, a group that had come here illegally was in a home that was right on the river. And they had been spotted going... crossing illegally and going into that home, so I joined a number of Border Patrol agents as they went into that home," Cruz said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked Cruz about reports of immigration raids. Cruz did not answer the question directly, "Since inauguration day, illegal immigration and apprehension rates have dropped by about half here in the Rio Grande sector," he said, adding he hopes that trend continues.


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