Thanksgiving safety tips: How to prevent cooking fires

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With Thanksgiving coming up, the Red Cross has issued some helpful tips to prevent house fires that start in the kitchen. 

Usually during the holiday season, the Red Cross will see a spike in house fires across the country.

Here are some helpful tips to use when cooking a holiday meal this year:

Always keep an eye on what you are frying.

Move items that can catch on fire easily burn like paper towels and hand towels.

Avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing. 

If you see smoke make sure to turn the burner off.

Keep an extra pan or lid nearby if a fire starts you can use it to cover it up. 

Make sure to have an evacuation plan and working smoke detectors.

According to the Red Cross, "Typically, Thanksgiving is one of the peak days for cooking fires, which is the top cause of home fires in the U.S. Most often, these emergencies are caused by unattended cooking — a common behavior shared by nearly 70% of us, as shown in a national American Red Cross survey earlier this year."

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