‘The flooding took over:’ McAllen family impacted by recent rain

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For the first time ever, the Gomez family says their home off of SH 107 and Mayberry Road in McAllen looks more like a swamp than a place to live. 

"I'm frustrated, sad, because we have a lot of families that have had to leave their homes," Priscilla Gomez said.

The family says the flooding is also impacting their animals. This land was for their animals to graze, but now all they have is this small patch of dirt.  

Gomez is scared they won't make it. But right now her hands are full as she tries to get her family members to a restroom since their septic tank doesn't work now.

"Since the flooding took over, we don't have a restroom to use properly,” Gomez said. “So we have to leave the area to go."

The city of McAllen said they’ll send crews to help with the water, but didn't provide a time frame for when help arrives.


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