The San Benito Belt

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SAN BENITO – The competitive spirit is cranked up for San Benito’s defense this year. Stellar players like turnovers and sacks during games lead to a moment of glory for Greyhounds who make the highlight reel. They get to parade a custom made belt.

“It gets us all excited, the fans and the players,” said senior defensive end Ryan Reza. “It’s a turnover. Who’s not going to get excited for a turnover?”

“In the games everybody wants to get a turnover,” said senior defensive back Jacob Cavazos. “Once they get a turnover, they want to go to the sideline, pick this up and the crowd goes crazy.”

The belt was introduced by the San Benito coaching staff this year. They got the idea from the Alabama football team.

“We all got excited,” said Reza. “We didn’t know what it was at first. Once we were able to hold the belt, every turnover, we all got excited for it.”

The belt is also given out at practice. Whoever has it at the end of Thursday’s practice gets to carry the prize onto the field before kickoff.

The Greyhounds’ next game is Saturday against Brownsville Hanna. The winner will take sole possession of first place in district 32-6A.


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