'There’s absolutely nothing': Edinburg family loses everything in house fire

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A family in Hidalgo County is without a home just days before Christmas.

The Rodriguez family says they are still in shock, but relieved no one was hurt after a fire destroyed their mobile home early Sunday morning.

“My daughter smelled the smoke and she ran into my mom’s room and said ‘Wake up grandma, wake up. There’s a lot of smoke. It smells like smoke,'" Leslie Rodriguez said.

Leslie’s 8-year-old daughter woke her grandmother up in time to get her grandfather, her brother and herself out safely. 

The family says within minutes, the fire that started in the kitchen had spread to the rest of the trailer. They believe Christmas lights and decorations plugged into an extension cord may have caused it.

Hidalgo County Fire Marshal Homero Garza says it was possibly an electrical malfunction.

The Rodriguez's are also mourning the loss of one of their family pets. 

“My mom’s dog was inside," Leslie said. "My stepdad was trying to get her out but she ran under the bed and she stayed there." 

All of their Christmas gifts, food, photos and so much more are now ash, leaving the Rodriguez's only with the clothes on their back.

Sonia Rodriguez, the owner the home, says she lost all of her documents that were in process for her visa residency. 

Leslie says they’re currently staying with family and figuring out how they plan to rebuild. 

“Whatever is donated is accepted at this moment but there’s nothing, there’s absolutely nothing,” Leslie said. 

The Rodriguez's say they may have lost everything in the fire, but they’re thankful to have family, especially during the holiday season. 

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