Tips for generator safety

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AEP Texas is monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas as it move towards the Gulf Coast. 

AEP Texas asks the public to consider the following safety and preparation tips: 

  • Consider any downed power line energized and dangerous. Although a downed line may look harmless, it could be carrying electricity. Do not touch anything in contact with the line, such as trees, fences or puddles of water. Because of the likelihood that the storm will cause many lines to fall, customers are asked to keep their children and pets inside during and after the storm.
  • Customers on life support systems or other medical equipment, which rely on electricity, are reminded to have a backup plan for situations where prolonged outages may occur.
  • Being prepared ahead of any storm is the first step to keeping your home and family safe. Gather an emergency outage kit that includes:
  • Flashlights and fresh batteries;
  • Battery-powered radios;
  • Candles, matches or lighters;
  • Water for drinking and cooking;
  • Camping equipment like sleeping bags and lanterns;
  • Non-perishable food and a manual can opener;
  • Manufacturers' instructions for your generator (if you have one);
  • Instructions on how to manually open your garage door; and
  • Important over-the-counter medicines.


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