Tips to save money on gas

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The average price of gas in Texas increased by a penny this week.

And as millions of Americans plan to drive over the Memorial Day holiday, the demand for fuel could increase the price even more.

According to American Automobile Association, the average price of gas nationally is just a little over three dollars a gallon. In Texas, it’s around $2.57.

Jeff Bartlett – managing editor at Consumer Reports – provided tips on what to do to get the most out of your tank.

"Many gas stations will offer a few cents off per gallon if you give them cold, hard cash,” Bartlett said, adding that driving with the windows down could also help. "Air conditioning does take a toll on fuel economy, typically between one and four miles per gallon."

Bartlett also discussed the usage of premium gas if your car doesn’t require it.

“The only thing you may give up is a little bit of horsepower,” Bartlett said. “For most cars, using regular gas is the way to go and it'll save you money."

Paying with cash can also help you save money. Your smartphone can also help as apps such as "Gas Buddy" can show you the lowest gas prices in the area. 

"Typically you'll find higher gas prices downtown in metropolitan type areas and at major exits off the highway,” Bartlett said. “Driving a little bit off the road or planning ahead can save quite a bit per gallon."

Bartlett also said drivers should keep an eye on their speed. The slower you drive, the more gas you save in the long run. 


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