Toll Road Project Underway in Hidalgo Co.

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MISSION – Ongoing construction for a $241 million project aims to keep heavy truck traffic off Hidalgo County roadways.

The new 365 Toll Road project will connect from the Pharr International Bridge north above Las Milpas to the Western portion of Mission near the Anzalduas bridge.

“Hidalgo County is rapidly growing,” said Pilar Rodriguez, the executive director for the Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority. “There’s a lot of vehicular and truck traffic that has to go through and to the county."

Rodriguez said commercial trucks will be able to take the toll directly from the bridge all the way to Anzalduas Highway in Granjeno.

“The average citizen won’t probably use this facility,” she said. “It will be more the traffic that comes across the border and has to get into the further up the state or into the east coast, so they can stay out of the urbanized areas."

Rodriguez said the new tollway will cut mostly through rural areas in southern Hidalgo County.

Drivers we spoke with say it is needed.

“I really think it's something to look forward to,” said Carlos Salinas.

“It's better for trucks, it limits trucks from more vehicles," said Oscar Zuniga, who drives the route daily as part of his job.

Rodriguez said the first phase of the project is complete.

A 12.2-mile stretch, or phase two, is now out for bidding. Construction could begin as early as March.

CHANNEL 5 NEW Asked Rodriguez if there was any opposition to the tollway route.

“No, we have our typical issues and they are at this point, have to do with utilities in conflict but that's typical for any kind of roadway project,” she said.

The $168 million dollar construction costs for the project include a $128 million grant from TxDOT. The Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority will kick in the rest of the funds.

A completion date will likely be September 2021, said officials.  

According to the Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority, it will charge 18-wheelers 50 cents per mile and other vehicles 17 cents per mile. For an 18-wheeler across all 12 miles, that sums out to about $6. 

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