Tortuous San Benito Road to Undergo Construction

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SAN BENITO – One San Benito street is getting a long overdue fix-up.

People who live around Shafer Road called it a 2,700-foot nightmare. Now they're getting the improvements the neighborhood has been waiting for.

"I'm delighted. I'm absolutely delighted,” said Jim Cornell who lives in the neighborhood.

He says the road between FM 509 and Whalen Road is needed to travel every day, but the street once plagued with problems because of improper drainage is about to get more than a replacement.

San Benito City Manager Manuel De La Rosa says the city commissioners just approved $174,000 worth of materials to be purchased for the improvement. He says it'll go toward several projects on the steel.

"We're going to put a covalent pipe to be able to get the water to provide some relief in that area so it won't be pounding on our roadways, so therefore, the water won't continue to damage that roadway," said De La Rosa.

He says they will also erect a rail near an adjacent canal so it will be more visible to motorists.

De La Rosa noted Shafer Road is just one of about 80 roads that need improvement around the city.


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