Toxic Plume Investigation Continues in McAllen Neighborhood

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MCALLEN - Close to 10 years ago a McAllen neighborhood found out they were living on top thousands of gallons of leaked gasoline and benzene.

Benzene is reportedly a flammable chemical linked to cancer and is known around the neighborhood as ‘toxic plume’.

Close to two acres of leaked gasoline and benzene leaked into the groundwater. 

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website, they've known about the problem since the 90s but have only began addressing it since 2009. 

Joel Maldonado has lived in the affected neighborhood for 50 years. 

He says over the years he saw his home transformed into a dangerous toxic zone.

According to TCEQ's website, the problem doesn't exist anymore.

“Based on all the information collected to date, there does not appear to be any actual or potential contaminant exposure for the public."

TCEQ says investigation of this site continues to this day.

For more information watch the video above.


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