Traffic Moving Smoothly following Expansion of Hwy 281

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BROWNSVILLE – Traffic is moving smoothly and safely now that the expansion of Highway 281 is complete.

The Texas Department of Transportation has finished the expansion of Highway 281 between Alton Gloor Boulevard and FM 1421.

Residents nearby say they feel safer traveling through this road now that construction is complete.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with Norm Rourke in October at the time of the ongoing construction. He claimed the road “was becoming a real life and death situation”.

Today he says traffic is moving along without any problems.

"I think everyone feels safer, not just here, but the school people and even, I know people that use this road going to and from work, and they say the same thing. You can get out here safely and not feel like you're going to get killed which we almost did a time or two. It's just made a world of a difference," says Rourke. 

KRGV's Daisy Martinez has the details. 

Watch the video above.for the full story.


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