Training Limiting DPS Trooper Presence

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EDINBURG – The Texas Department of Public Safety announced in September, troopers from other parts of the state will no longer being deployed to the Rio Grande Valley. 

Over the past year, DPS troopers were rotated in and out of the Valley on a weekly basis.

As the rotations came to an end, 250 new border trooper positions from Brownsville to Laredo were added.

The new troopers will report to duty stations across the state in the coming weeks and spend the first six months in on-the-job training.

Hidalgo County Precinct 3 Constable Larry Gallardo Jr. said until the new troopers are fully trained, his department will have to patrol areas DPS used to monitor.

He said a heightened presence of state troopers seemed to deter people from illegal activity in the area.


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