Transport Company Works to Help Valley Man’s Trailer Become

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HARLINGEN – A Rio Grande Valley man wants an old trailer moved from Harlingen to his property in San Benito. He says a mobile home transport company he hired for the job isn't making it happen.

Seventy-eight-year-old Gonzalo Rubio says he purchased an old trailer home on Facebook last month. It was on a property about six miles from his home.

The trailer is very important to Rubio. It will house someone he cares about like no other.

"I need it for my daughter, she's next to homeless right now," said Rubio.

On Dec. 1, Rubio called a mobile home transport company to take his trailer to his property. He signed an informal contract on the back of a business card and put down a $400 deposit.

A final payment was also set for $450. The move was scheduled for a week later on Dec. 8. That day came and went without the trailer being taken off its blocks.

"They started finding problems with it. (They want) for me to fix this problem so they could move it. Well, I did what I could but he didn't like it," he adds.

Rubio says he tried calling the company back three or four times a week since then, even asking if he could pay them to make the necessary repairs on his trailer.

He says the business owners promised to speak with him in person, but they never did.

"I'll be there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, it snowed. So, I'm still waiting," he explained.

Rubio says he just wants a refund of his $400 deposit.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the mobile home transport business Rubio was working with.

A spokesperson for the company agreed to talk with us. They say they sent a crew of three people out to Rubio's trailer on Dec. 8 and spent the day trying to make the move happen.

He claims the trailer had collapsing walls and windows that needed boarding up, so the business had to deem the trailer unmovable.

However, since they already paid the crew to work with Rubio, they can't possibly make a full refund of the $400 deposit.

Since they want to help Rubio and his daughter out during the holidays, they say they will cut him a check for $200. This is so he can make repairs to the trailer.

Once Rubio's mobile home is movable, they say they will finish the job.

Rubio told us he is happy to get the $200. He adds he will use it to board up the walls and windows on his trailer so it can be transported.


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