Trump Allegedly Working with Mexico to Enforce Border

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MCALLEN – A geopolitical analysis firm said the new administration could work with Mexico to increase security on its border with Guatemala.

Stratfor’s report, citing a Jan. 19th report from Mexican news source La Politica Online, that the U.S. is considering helping Mexico increase its security at its southern border with Guatemala.

The report indicated those are possible efforts by the Trump administration to work with Mexico on its southern border. It also appears to be part of the plan to put up a border wall.

However, Guatemalan immigrant Maria Rodriguez said her country has a positive view of Trump.

“Everyone is at ease, we are confident with the new president. It’s not because they’re over there and we’re over here, they’re positive and confident he will be a great president for everyone,” she said.

Stratfor added the possibility of Trump working with Mexico would be part of a plan to “stem the flow of migrants headed to the United States from Central America and elsewhere.”


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