Two Men Behind Bars After Burglarizing Laguna Vista Home

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LAGUNA HEIGHTS– Two men are in custody after a home burglary in Laguna Heights.

The burglary happened on the 800 block of Michigan street on the south side of Laguna Vista.

Police say the suspects took more than $13,000 in valuables, jewelry and weapons.

Cameron County Constables say three weapons are still missing.

KRGV's Rudy Mireles spoke with Deputy Chief Constable Saul Sauceda. 

Sauceda warns that the possession of any of the mentioned items could result in a criminal charge.

"Anybody caught with these weapons, or any jewelry, or anything from this property, could be charged with possession of stolen property," says Sauceda.

The victim of the burglary says she didn't know the suspects, but she is happy they have been caught.

She says she has since purchased a new security system and bought another weapon to protect herself in the case she is targeted again.

If you have any information about this case, contact Cameron County Constables at 956-943-6757.

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