U.S. Gov't to Send Final Notice of Condemnation

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WESLACO - The U.S. government is sending out a final notice of condemnation on Friday.

The notice has been posted twice in a local newspaper.

The notice can be found in the classified section, containing a list of more than 100 names and addresses of residents being sued by the federal government.

If the residents on the list don’t respond, the government has the right to take their private property without negotiation for to make way for the border wall.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to local attorney Ricardo Garza.

Garza says the government is obligated to inform someone when they are being sued, even if lawsuits date back to 2008.

He says it appears the government is trying to tell the federal judge in McAllen that the people listed under the notice have not responded.

“They might not have lawyers and they should be allowed to lose in default and the government should take possession of their land to build the border wall because they couldn't reach them,” says Garza.

The notice says landowners are required to provide an answer to the lawsuit 20 days after the third publication of the notice; after that the property belongs to the government.


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