UPDATE: Staff at Valley clinic who treated Michigan couple infected with COVID-19 showing no symptoms

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BROWNSVILLE – On Wednesday, Cameron County health officials received confirmation about a Michigan couple who tested positive for COVID-19. They had recently been on vacation at South Padre Island.

The couple had been staying at the island from Jan. 1 to Mar. 11. During their stay, from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2, they traveled up to Idaho to attend a family wedding, where they came into contact with a relative who later tested positive for the virus.

They flew back, making a landing at Valley International Airport in Harlingen on Mar. 2. They began to show symptoms of COVID-19 over the next two days.

On Mar. 5, the husband went to a Port Isabel clinic, but did not qualify for a COVID-19 test at the time. He did not have a fever and in Idaho, at that point, did not have any cases.

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