US citizens with immigrant spouses denied virus relief payments

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Americans who married immigrants are ineligible to receive any of the federal coronavirus relief payments.

A Rio Grande Valley nurse, who for this report will be referred to as “Sofia,” says she knew her husband wasn’t going to qualify for the stimulus check. However, she believed that her and her two children would since they’re U.S. citizens.

Her husband is in the process of getting a green card. However, according to the Internal Revenue Service, both spouses must have valid social security numbers to receive a stimulus payment, unless one of them serves in the military.

“I felt discriminated against because of someone else’s immigration status,” said Sofia. “It’s very unfair. I did feel a lot of anger, because, like you said, it’s not fair. It’s not fair that we file the taxes on time. We do them correctly and yet we are not going to be a part of that package.”

Data from the Migration Policy Institute show more than a million Americans are married to an immigrant without a social security number. Congressman Vicente Gonzalez said Congress hopes to address the issue in the future.

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