US Public Notaries Unable to Help In Immigration Cases

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WESLACO - Texas RioGrande Legal Aid wants people to be aware of the difference between a notario, a role appointed by a Mexican state governor, and a U.S. notary public.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to a local notary public who said people often ask her if she can help them with immigration documents.

Linda Lerma said a notary without a dual license to practice immigration law should not get involved in an immigration case. She said if a notary is found filling out immigration documents for a client, they will face consequences.

“We do get suspended. If anything, we do represent the state of Texas and we are assuring that everything is done properly and correct,” she said.

In some cases, Lerma said notaries can lose their licenses if they are found to be completing immigration documents and charging for those papers. 


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