'Use common sense': Rio Grande City hosts virtual town hall to discuss Texas' mask mandate lift

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Rio Grande City held a virtual town hall meeting on Tuesday to discuss Gov. Greg Abbott's most recent executive orders, ongoing COVID-19 public health recommendations and how the changes will impact business. 

During the meeting, city leaders discussed an executive order allowing business owners to make the call on whether customers are required to wear masks in their establishment.

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"We can rebuild our economy, while at the same time keep our community safe," Rio Grande City Mayor Joel Villareal said. "These two concepts are not mutually exclusive."

But some business owners are worried that putting the burden on them could anger potential customers or drive much needed business away. 

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Rio Grande City Economic Development Corporation Director Dalinda Guillen said the voluntary action from the business owners sent a strong message that they're "putting people first."

Starr County Health Authority Dr. Antonio Falcon said it's important to use common sense depending on the situation. 

"If you're going into a crowded place where nobody's been vaccinated, I would certainly either stay out of it or go in there with a mask and get out of there as quickly as possible," Falcon said. "On the other hand, if you're at home with a bunch of people that have been vaccinated— it's probably safe for those that have been vaccinated not to have masks on."

Falcon said it's better to be more careful the not careful enough. 

Watch the full town hall meeting on Facebook:

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