VA: Brain Donations from Women Needed for PTSD Research

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HARLINGEN – Researchers are asking women to donate their brains. They’re working to learn more about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

The Department of Veteran Affairs is teaming up with Pink Concussions on this project.

They want all women, veterans and non-veterans, to donate their brains after their deaths for medical research.

Most samples collected for PTSD and brain injury research are from men.

Neuropsychologist Robert Bannon says a large sample of brains is needed to better understand the effects of these injuries.

“As we get more and more information on different genders, different socio-economic levels, different levels of concussion it will allow us to kind of tailor our treatment goals to the needs of each patient,” said Bannon.

Reynaldo Leal, a spokesperson for the Harlingen VA, says there are active recruitment efforts for brain donation.

He says now, more than ever, the VA is trying to recruit female donors.

For more information about the VA’s National PTSD Brain Bank, visit their webpage or call 800-762-6609.


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