Valley bakeries keeping busy following pandemic slump

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Valley bakeries are getting hit hard, but this time, it’s not by the pandemic.

Graduation season is in full swing, and bakeries in the Valley are pulling all-nighters to get last-minute cake orders finished.

Maria Taide, owner of Taide's Cake Shop in San Juan, says with graduation cake orders piling up as school comes to an end, she's taking phone calls on a daily basis.

“I have calls for graduations. I have calls for Mother’s Day,” Taide said. “I’m taking orders day-by-day. I stay here until late at night."

But, Taide says it's something she's grateful for because not too long ago, the pandemic put a stop to her work.

“We closed for a little while and then it opened,” Taide said. “The business was slow at first; it was very slow. I’m very blessed because a lot of businesses closed and I’m still here.”


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