Valley bars reverse course to strictly selling alcohol to-go after governor's orders

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Once again, it’s a lot quieter in the entertainment district of downtown in McAllen. On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered bars to shut down again and scaled back on restaurant dining after coronavirus hospitalizations reached record levels this week.

Business at these locations gradually improved over time, but now the new rule is in effect to control the spread of the virus. Establishments that make more than half of their sales in alcohol are closed to walk-in customers.

Suerte Bar and Grill already had a to-go system they implemented since Texas bars were allowed to sell alcohol to-go. People order and wait for get their drinks curbside. A manager at its Nolana Avenue location says they have their system down.

No alcohol is included in the to-go drinks. Instead, the bar provides a sealed mini liquor bottle or closed beer can — all legal. What happens on the way home is the customer’s responsibility.

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