Valley businesses to practice social distancing to comply with emergency declaration

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MERCEDES – Hidalgo County’s declaration is impacting local merchants. Businesses are making adjustments so they can continue operations without breaking the rules.

At a Mercedes pizzeria, change is already being implemented. Israel Formacio, owner of Formacio Pizzeria, has customers sitting two tables apart and limited the capacity to 35 people in the dining area.

The emergency declaration signed Tuesday applies to restaurants, churches, funeral homes, flea markets, weddings and other events where more than 50 people are typically expected to show up.

If businesses don’t comply, local law enforcement agencies will intervene.

“We are going to be helping out people that are a little stubborn, to be sure they understand that it’s not about you. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about thinking for everybody. So, if we need to be gently reminded of the goal is here, we are here to gently remind you, if necessary, we will escalate it,” said Ambrioso Hernandez, mayor of Pharr.

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